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Roone Arledge’s extraordinary career of more than a half century mirrors the history of the television industry he helped create. Roone is the vivid, intimate account of his own rise to fame and power as the head of both ABC Sports and ABC News as well as an up-close-and- personal story of his era, peopled with friends and foes alike.

“[He] left a mark on his time. Sometimes [he] left a few marks on me.” “Roone Arledge has been the star in the sky for as long as I’ve been associated with ABC.” “When I was just a little pup at NBC, Roone Arledge was a news and sports god.” “In the immortal words of the great Cole Porter, Roone. ‘You are the top.’” “The top television producer of all time, the very best in our business.” “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee: you’re great, Roone Arledge, but you can’t beat me.” “He was the very best at what he did that there ever was.” “Roone didn’t just see the big picture, he was the big picture.” “Even those of us who had to compete against Roone were constantly in awe.” “He makes you dream that you can do things you didn’t know you could do.” “All the big money in sports, none of that would be happening if not for Roone.” “Arledge has turned out a page-turner that is entertaining and riveting.”

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