Savory Baking from the Mediterranean

Savory Baking from the Mediterranean


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The Mediterranean is full of varied and diverse cuisines, but the one thing they all share is a basic reliance on bread. From Italian focaccia and French brioche to Lebanese tabouneh (sourdough pita) and Egyptian fiteer (flatbread), bread is the single most important staple in Mediterranean diets, and serves as the foundation for countless other savory dishes. In Savory Baking from the Mediterranean, Anissa Helou presents a collection of classic and favorite recipes that will provide home cooks with a broad overview of Mediterranean savory baking, from countless variations on flatbreads like pita, focaccia, and lavash, to raised breads such as French Bacon Bread, Greek Spinach and Olive Bread, and Italian Nut Bread. In addition, she offers recipes for a wide variety of pies, tarts, and savory pastries, such as calzones, empanadas, pizzas, and spanakopitta. Savory Baking from the Mediterranean is illustrated through out with 100 artful black and while photographs of landscapes, communities, and breads.

“Annisa Helou’s books are the only hopeful sign I see coming out of the Middle East these days…” “Anissa Helou has brought back wonderful recipes…and presents them with engaging charm…” “…a comprehensive look at a fascinating subject.” “…Hurray for [Anissa’s] regional research. My copy bristles with many markers; my fingers yearn to plunge into the doughs.” “Anissa has done it again; I wouldn’t have believed it possible… Her newest contribution will inspire many bakers. I love the spirit of this book. “Helou has created a paean to the foundation of Mediterranean food.” “…unlocks the mysteries of all these lovely little breads…” A New York Times Best Book of 2007 “If Western notions of ‘the Mediterranean diet’ are moving from naive cliches to better understanding, writers like Anissa Helou have had a lot to do with the change…”

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