Seasons in Basilicata

Seasons in Basilicata


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Award-winning travel writer and illustrator, David Yeadon embarks with his wife, Anne on an exploration of the “lost word” of Basilicata, in the arch of Italy’s boot. What is intended as a brief sojourn turns into an intriguing residency in the ancient hill village of Aliano, where Carlo Levi, author of the world-renowned memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli, was imprisoned by Mussolini for anti-Fascist activities. As the Yeadons become immersed in Aliano’s rich tapestry of people, traditions, and festivals, reveling in the rituals and rhythms of the grape and olive harvests, the culinary delights, and other peculiarities of place, they discover that much of the pagan strangeness that Carlo Levi and other notable authors revealed still lurks beneath the beguiling surface of Basilicata.

“Yeadon leaves you pleasantly stuffed, slightly intoxicated and feeling warmer for the company.” “One of the best travel writers in the world.” “This is a true traveler…who can make the most innocent encounter a memorable experience.” “Wonderful account” “Leave it to Yeadon to choose one of the country’s most overlooked provinces.” “A warm welcome to a balcony view of Aliano.” “A compelling book…that comes close to re-creating the place and the man.” “Delightful, with the odd twist to eerie.”

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