Sex, Scandal, and Sermon in Fourteenth-Century Spain

Sex, Scandal, and Sermon in Fourteenth-Century Spain


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Juan Ruiz’s Libro de Buen Amor (1330/1343) is a lively and challenging medieval classic that ranks alongside the works of Dante and Chaucer. This volume is the first to systematically approach the role of humor in the Libro de Buen Amor through the treatment of the body, the visual, and the representation of first-person protagonist as lover. Haywood examines the place of the bawdy and the grotesque in the Libro de Buen Amor in relation to secular and sacred culture. This innovative study will be of interest to scholars and students interested in humor, cultural domains, medieval studies, and Spanish studies.

Louise M. Haywood is Senior University Lecturer in Medieval Spanish Studies, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. She is the author of Historia troyana polimétrica, the editor of Culture Contexts/Female Voices, and the co-editor of A Companion to the Libro de Buen Amor, with Louise O. Vasvári.

“I must admit that my own misreading does not even begin to do justice to the far-reaching, academic brilliance ensconced between the two covers of this work for which one can only beg the author’s forgiveness along with the reader’s understanding and encourage the reading of this work for oneself.”–Medieval Feminist Forum
“This outstanding monograph, by the author and editor of A Companion to the Libro de Buen Amor, is informed both by contemporary theory and by a secure grounding in the ecclesiastical and literary traditions of the Middle Ages. Haywood studies the body, the gaze, and the comedic role of the authorial voice, in a volume which should become a new classic of Libro de Buen Amor studies.”—Dorothy Severin, University of Liverpool

“As the first attempt in a very long time to formulate a comprehensive interpretation and understanding of this fiendishly rich and difficult work, Haywood’s book is filled with provocative insights and abundant new observations . . . Haywood’s close readings of the text, whether they discover orthodoxy or depravity, never stray from the fact that, at its heart, the Libro is a book that rehearses the Christian struggle between the material and spiritual world.”–Speculum

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