Spanish Film, Theatre and Literature in the Twentieth Century

Spanish Film, Theatre and Literature in the Twentieth Century

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This collection of valuable new studies explores major figures in twentieth-century Spanish culture such as Antonio Machado, Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, and Luis Buñuel, offering a fresh and engaging interpretation of their artistic works. The inclusion of less-familiar subjects has wider ramifications: the translation of one of Santiago Rusiñol’s plays informs a discussion on censorship and a Catalan novel by Llorenç Villalonga relates to a much larger discussion of European nationalist thought. While some contributors adopt feminist, psychoanalytical, or philosophical approaches, the focus throughout is on understanding Spanish culture within its historical and social context.
Preface by Ian Michael
POETRYHerbert Ramsden: The Poet and his Contexts: Helping English Students Read Modern Spanish Poetry
Helen Laurenson: El todavía imperdonable delito: The Sonnets of Rafael Alberti 1923 – 1927
Robert Havard: The Riddle Register in Poeta en Nueva York
PROSEAlan Hoyle: A Re-examination of Unamuno’s San Manuel Bueno Mártir y tres historias másJohn Hall: Crusading Macho Triumphalism or Food for Thought?: A Reappraisal of Rafael García Serrano’s La fiel infanteríaJeremy Squires: Doctors and Swindlers: Los bravos Revisited
Jordi Larios: ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’: Llorenç Villalonga’s Version of Pastoral in Les fures THEATRE David George: Joaquín Dicenta’s Translation of Santiago Rusiñol’s El místicSharon Handley: Power and Patriarchy in the Work of Federico García Lorca
John London: Drama in the Spanish Civil War: was there Teatro De Urgencia in the Nationalist Zone?
Victor Dixon: Music in the Life and Work of Antonio Buero Vallejo
FILMGwynne Edwards: Luis Buñuel: A Surrealist in Chains
Montserrat Lunati: Breaking Silences, Dealing with the Past: El sur, by Adelaida García Morales and Víctor Erice

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