Strategic Logic

Strategic Logic


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Strategic Logic lays the foundations for a clear understanding of corporate profitability and provides the reader with innovative insights on how to develop original yet realistic strategies. Working with real-life examples and based on rigorous theory, the author analyses key managerial decisions and shows how to ensure these enhance the company’s long-term profitability. Mergers and acquisitions are great opportunities for strategic development, but they can also destroy value. The author indicates how to judge on what side a specific case will fall.

J. Carlos Jarillo is at HEC, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

“In the two decades since Michael Porter published Competitive Strategy, rigorous and disciplined analysis of fundamentals has taken a backseat in management books, amid the rise of slogans of revolution, creativity and breaking rules. Strategic Logic is a timely reminder that there are rules in business, and managers can benefit from understanding and exploiting those rules. Very well written and well illustrated, this is a must-read for all managers who wish to build profitable businesses on firm and logical foundations.”–Sumantra Ghoshal, London Business School
“…has the potential to become a ‘classic’ for students and for managers.”–Erich Hunziker, Member of the Executive Board and Group CFO, Hoffmann-La Roche

Introduction: Strategic Logic * The Basic Principles * The Nuclear Unit of Strategic Analysis * Industry Evolution * From Activity to the Enterprise * The Globalisation Process and the Enterprise * Diversification * The Search for Growth: Mergers and Acquisitions * Some Hints on How to Design a Strategy * Conclusion: From Logic to Practice

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