The Body in the Snowdrift

The Body in the Snowdrift


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Caterer Faith Fairchild has a bad feeling about her father-in-law’s decision to celebrate his seventieth birthday with a family reunion ski week at the Pine Slopes resort in Vermont — the Fairchilds’ favorite getaway since Faith’s husband, the Reverend Thomas Fairchild, was a toddler. At first her unease seems unfounded — until Faith comes across a corpse on one of the cross-country trails, the apparent victim of a heart attack.

Then one catastrophe follows another: the mysterious disappearance of the Pine Slopes’ master chef, a malicious prank at the sports center, a break-in at the Fairchild condo, the sabotage of a chairlift. And when a fatal “accident” with the snow-making machines stains the slopes blood red, Faith realizes she’ll have to work fast to solve a murderous puzzle — because suddenly not only are the reunion and the beloved resort’s future in jeopardy . . . but Faith’s life is as well.

“[A]n attractive setting, great characters, good food and murder most foul… A perfect Faith concoction.” “[W]ell told…close, careful observations of the complicated dynamics within large families…[Page] at her solid best.” “[P]erfect puzzler.” “[W]ill leave her readers guessing until the very end and wanting another serving of Faith Fairchild.” “Fun for all readers, and some great recipes, too.”

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