The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club

The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club


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Andy Kendricks is back in the third sassy and irresistible installment in Susan McBride’s Debutante Dropout series … and this time she’s teaming up with her high-society mama to catch a killer who’s targeting rich, lonely widows.

Wealthy Texas widows need loving too … which is why Bebe Kent joined a dating service for “discriminating” seniors soon after relocating to the swanky Belle Meade retirement community. Unfortunately, Bebe didn’t even live long enough to meet “Mr. Right.” And though doctors declared her death totally natural, extravagant blue-blooded Dallas socialite Cissy Blevins Kendricks believes her old friend’s demise was hastened—and she’s ready to check herself into Belle Meade incognito to prove it.

Cissy’s rebellious, sometimes-sleuthing daughter, Andrea, wants no part of her mother’s crazy schemes—yet she’s anything but pleased that Cissy is going off on her own, playing a highbrow Miss Marple. So she has no choice but to join her mom in search of the truth—especially when more well-heeled widows start turning up dead …

“Chatty, colorful and très Texas, McBride’s latest cozy is a pleasure.” “Readers will be anything but bored… McBride is at her best in this rollicking adventure with surprising heart.” “[F]un…with plenty of humor and mystery.” “The tone is as light as angel food cake, with pop culture crowding the pages…snappy prose and eccentric characters.”

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