The “One China” Dilemma

The “One China” Dilemma


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The new developments across the Taiwan Strait have illuminated the dilemma of the “One China” policy, which could mislead to inconsistent or even contradictory policies, and result in devastating military confrontation between China and the U.S. and possible Japan.

Peter Chow is a Professor of Economics at The City College and Graduate Center, City University of New York.
Foreword–Robert A. Scalapino * Part I: Introduction * The Myth and Reality of “One China”–Peter C.Y. Chow * Part II: Historical Legacies and Taiwan’s Statehood * The Myth of One China–Edward L. Dreyer * Taiwan’s Colonial History and Post-Colonial Nationalism–J. Bruce Jacobs * On the Statehood of Taiwan:  A Legal Reappraisal–Huang-Chih Chiang & Jau-Yuan Hwang * The Statehood of Taiwan: A Strange Case of Domestic Strength and International Challenge–Cal Clark * Part III: Taiwan Identity Amid the rising China * National Identity, Ethnic Identity, and Party Identity in Taiwan–Chang Yuan Tsai * National Identity, International Image, and a Security Dilemma: The Case of Taiwan–Hans Stockton * Ethnic and Civic Nationalism: Two Roads to the Formation of a Taiwanese Nation–Shiau-Chi Shen & Naiteh Wu * Part IV: The Dilemma of ‘ One China’ Policy * Triangulating the Status Quo: Content and Consequences of PRC, U.S. and Taiwan Stances on Taiwan’s Current Status–Jacques deLisle * The Impacts of Europe’s ” One China ” on Taiwan–Edward Friedman * Taiwan’s Cross Strait Policy Under Democratic Progressive Party–I-Chung Lai * Nixon and Taiwan : The Failure of A Policy and Its Aftermath–Athur Waldron * Hu Jintao, George W. Bush, Chen Shui-Bian and the New Taiwan Triangle–Lowell Ditmer * Strategic Dilemma of Beijing’s Taiwan Policy:  Nationalism and the Making of the Anti-Secession Law–Suisheng Zhao * Part V. National Security and Defense Strategy * A National Defense Strategy for Taiwan in the New Century–Alexander  C. Huang * A New Imbalance in the Equation of Military Balance across the Taiwan Strait–York Chen * ”One China” And The Military Balance On The Taiwan Strait–Richard D. Fisher, Jr. * Japan and the Security of the Taiwan Strait–June Tefuel Dreyer

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