The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done

The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done


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When Chrysalis Moffat and her brother, Eddie, inherit a mansion on the coast of California, Eddie hatches a plan to fleece credulous Californians of their cash by starting the fraudulent Tibetan School of Miracles.

But something else is happening. Through Chrysalis’s reunion with her brother, she begins to discover her adoptive father’s secret past, causing her own identity to unravel. As Chrysalis lays down the facts of her life, she gambles her identity against the contradictions, half-truths, and fables of her past, leading her ultimately to question what it is we can truly know and whether it is fate or chance that dictates our lives.

“A possible cult hit.” “A virtuoso performance [that] more than proves Newman a writer worth watching.” “Newman …has a penetrating voice that could one day garner a devout following.” “A witty, imaginative debut from a young novelist with dazzling intellectual resources.” “A brilliantly wicked assessment of human nature.” “David Lynch and Dave Eggers aficionados will find much to admire in this edgy, strange, and dazzling first novel” “[This] is a smart, big-hearted, hysterical and gorgeously rendered novel.” “Funny and moving, quirky and intelligent, and written in a fresh, original voice.” “Breathtaking writing…the dialogue is pitch-perfect, with laugh out loud lines…an exhilarating read.” “Original and powerful.” “Mesmerizing … [Newman’s] clever and compelling tale is something you just can’t afford to miss.”

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