The Still Point Dhammapada

The Still Point Dhammapada


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The Dhammapada is much loved by Buddhist practitioners as a simple and straightforward rendition of some of Buddha’s core teachings, and is read daily by thousands of people. While there are many translations available, few have an inclusive – and lyrical – sensibility. In studying various versions of this sacred text, Larkin noted many discrepancies and embarked upon an entirely original translation. Each instalment gets tested at the Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in Detroit, a remarkable Zen centre in the heart of one of the roughest neighbourhoods in the country.

This small gift hardcover will have the appeal of the Thomas Byrom/Ram Dass edition, but will be made even more accessible with each chapter’s introduction containing a powerful contemporary anecdote from the Still Point Temple community. This ‘Downtown Dhammapada’ will appeal not only to Buddhists, but to those who also appreciate beautifully rendered sacred texts as simply good reading.

“…a gift that will keep on giving…[I] recommend it as an excellent companion for spiritual study and practice.” “Larkin has most wonderfully added her own insight and deepening experience to a new rendering…of the Dhammapada.” “This rendering …is clean, contemporary, and, with the addition of her effective teaching stories, as real as it gets.” “Check out Larkin’s Motor City Zen, and behind it all, you’ll see the wisdom of the Buddha.”

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