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If you think your chubby child will outgrow his or her weight, think again. Today’s world of fast food and sedentary pastimes does little to encourage physical activity and healthy eating. One in four children in this country is unhealthily overweight, and the physical and emotional costs will shorten his or her life. But there’s good news: Parents can take charge — and Trim Kids shows how.

This easy-to-use, scientifically tested plan helps children achieve a healthy weight — and have fun doing it. Written by a team of medical experts with over fifteen years of experience helping overweight kids, this book will help you reverse the vicious circle of childhood obesity.

Trim Kids is a unique twelve-week plan that gives parents and children a positive, safe initial approach to lifetime weight management. Each week, parents and kids together will practice scientifically proven ways to increase daily activity and will set (and celebrate!) achievable eating and exercise goals. Children will learn kid-specific exercises especially designed for their weight levels, and the family will enjoy dozens of menu plans with tasty, nutritious, kid-tested recipes. You’ll discover easy nutrition strategies — including shopping lists and dining-out tips — perfect for busy caregivers, and you’ll learn how to coach your child in well-established behavioral strategies for making healthier lifestyle choices away from home.

The Trim Kids Program is based on the fifteen-year success of one of the only multidisciplinary team approaches in the world for preventing and treating childhood obesity, an approach that has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and 48 Hours and in USA Today, Ladies’ Home Journal, and elsewhere.

No matter why your child is overweight, this book — and its twelve-week plan — will provide the support you need to ensure success. Soon, the whole family will be practicing new, healthier nutrition and activity habits.

…Parents with an obese child…would do well if they first consult Trim Kids. “Trim Kids is an authoritative approach to understanding and treating childhood overweight.” “This book is filled with delicious but low-calorie recipes, fun activities… [and] behavior techniques…I recommend it highly!” “The strategies in Trim Kids are practical, effective, and fun for kids. I strongly recommend this comprehensive guide to parents.” “Trim Kids is a much-needed and unique comprehensive program for achieving healthy weight in children…and it works.” “This book does an excellent job emphasizing that kids are not just mini-adults. Their opinions are important…” “The results of this program are absolutely remarkable and definitely long-term. I highly recommend it.” “This book is not only practical, but lifesaving–and life-changing for kids who are overweight…This program is phenomenal!” “When I hear a mother say, ‘I am worried about my whole family’s health,’ I consider offering this book as one of the tools she can use to address her concerns and move forward. I highly recommend this book.”

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