What Makes Us Catholic

What Makes Us Catholic


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What makes a Catholic a Catholic? According to Thomas Groome, an expert on the essential ingredients of Catholic Christianity, Catholics share certain vital features of life and identity. What Makes Us Catholic explains and illuminates that character, and invites Catholics of all kinds to connect more deeply and imaginatively with their own culture and spirituality.

“Groome courageously attempts and succeeds to define and explain the curious breed of people called Catholics.” “Tom Groome’s celebration of what is beautiful and lasting in the Catholic tradition is a kiss of peace.” “This crisply written and passionately presented work eloquently demonstrates why Tom Groome is considered one of our finest religious educators.” “In a vivid and vibrant style, Thomas Groome portrays Catholicism as a rich, multi-faceted reality.” “As refreshing as the Beatitudes in revealing the essentially spiritual and sacramental nature of being Catholic.”

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