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Kathleen McArthur and Judith Wright shared a passionate interest in wildflowers and conversation. Their letters refer to rare finds on their wildflowering excursions and to inventive projects for saving the environment. Kathleen’s exquisite paintings helped fund their conservation campaigns, and her books won design awards.While Judith Wright moved in the public realm, Kathleen worked from her home near the beach and her beloved wallum country. When author Margaret Somerville met her in 1991 she was still painting and writing, and continued to produce a monthly play for the Lunch Hour Theatre well into her eighties.In Wildflowering the conversations between Kathleen and Margaret circle out from Kathleen’s life and her home, Midyim, to explore the places that were significant to her. Journeying outward from garden to beach to Cooloola and Pumicestone Passage, Margaret Somerville discovers her own place in these landscapes.

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