Women’s Health Movements

Women’s Health Movements


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This is an introduction to the women’s health movements and what is being accomplished by women organizing to achieve better health care around the world.

Meredeth Turshen is Professor of Public Policy, Rutgers University. 

“This book is a major contribution to the study of women’s health movements in a global context…a source of inspiration for activist scholars. It is accessible and engaging reading, well researched, and highly recommended for undergraduate and graduate students in political science, public policy, and women’s studies; human rights activists and health care providers and practitioners….Highly recommended.”–Choice 
“This book is a major contribution to the literature on women’s health and health movements. Impressive in its global scope and solidly grounded in political economy, it will be extremely useful in undergraduate and graduate courses in health, women’s studies, development studies, and social movements. Written in a clear and accessible manner, it is also an important resource for national and transnational activism on women’s health and human rights.”–Betsy Hartmann, Director of the Population and Development Program, Hampshire College, and author of Reproductive Rights and Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control

Women Organizing: Activism Worldwide * The Global Context * The Triple Day: Women’s Home, Community, and Workplace Environments * Fighting for Good Health Services, Struggling with the Pharmaceutical Industry * The Sexual Politics of Violence against Women * Women’s Reproductive Rights * Towards A New Universalism

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