Younger by the Day

Younger by the Day


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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to love your life through every age and stage of it? Appreciate yourself every step of the way? And have such vitality that, even though you’re perfectly proud of the age you are, people routinely think you’re several years younger?

This happy state is the promise of Younger by the Day, a one – year program for aging in reverse with results that start as soon as you do — and you can start any day of the year.

Victoria Moran was baffled when midlife seemed to change everything, from the shape of her body to her visibility in society. She began a four – year journey, asking these questions: Why do some women blossom with age while others wither? How can you accept yourself as you are and still nurture yourself into becoming the best you can be? How can you draw from your inner wisdom everything you need to deal with the un-certainties of life as well the certainty of growing older?

Victoria found the practical answers, and they are distilled here for you to put into use, one day at a time.

“Following a year of this advice should do wonders in all areas of your life.” “Rumor has it that old fountain of youth was a myth but YOUNGER may be just the tonic you need.” “Younger by the Day Moran’s way of taking life one day at a time . . . clear, concise and informative.” “What an inspiration – and fun! – way to grow younger. I wholeheartedly recommend this daily guide!” “Lovely, courageous and inspired. Here’s to the youngest year of my adult life. And yours!” “Victoria is that rare being who walks her talk…Brava Victoria for creating such a complete and loving guidebook.” “…the most inspiring book I have read – filled with wisdom, inspiration and common sense on every page.” “[A] path for awakening the timeless part of yourself—the part that shines through and makes you appear ageless…!” “[T]hought-provoking….Moran’s newest book seems like one that will (pardon the expression) age well.”

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